Now, who the devil is Fidelius?

We sometimes also wonder about that, but we’ll try to give a more or less satisfactory answer here. Basically, Fidelius works similar to, say a football team. Usually, four musicians play together, but the line-up depends on the type of concert.

In 2005, for example, Fidelius had five musicians (let's see how it works out for 2006)::

Diego Scholz
Studies history, pre- and early history as well as folklore studies/cultural history in Jena and Warsaw (Poland); president of the registered society “Die Milzener e.V.”; responsible for management (incl. concert bookings), has the loving nickname “dope-with-the-white-bus”. As he has the the biggest car, he has the pleasure to enjoy the tearing down after each concert to the last second as well as following everyone with the things they forget.

In the band, he mostly plays woodwind instruments and is our leadsinger. If Fidelius performs with fewer musicians, he also plays stringed instruments. A typical all-round amateur. Founder member.

Roman Scholz
Studies excavation technology in Berlin, works at archaeological excavations on land and at sea; vice-president of “Die Milzener e.V.”, responsible for battle training in the society; nicknamed “Tasmanian devil”; plays the drums, makes critical sounds and sometimes he even sings. Founder member.

And to continue our family gallery: Jacob Friedrich (cousin) joined us in 2004, comes from beautiful Thuringia and is a native speaker of the Gera variety of Thuringian. Classical guitar and singing training; at present, he works in a Berlin loony bin (..as well as for Fidelius!); plays on a Thuringian waldzither and because of his hairstyle he is the “Beatle” of our band.

Felix Naumann joined us in 2003 and is our dogsbody, plays woodwind instruments, sometimes the Thuringian waldzither (his being from Chemnitz qualifies him in deed for this job), moreover he also plays the barrel-organ. He still studies, namely musicology, pedagogy and sometimes a bit history.

Also known from his band “IRREGANG”.

The number of his wives and children is of no importance here.

Mario Korneck has been working with us for five years or more, he once studied Scandinavian studies in Berlin, he is a true Berliner – and from West Berlin. Not his fault.

Malicious biographers would call him a master in the art of living, but neither he nor we deserve this title. Originally trained to play Arabic drums, later on also medieval woodwind instruments; for Fidelius, he mostly plays the drums.

He is known to attentive press observers from his playing in the band “ Cornex Maledictum“.

Moreover, we proudly introduce here our technical expert and sound engineer, and, surprise surprise, he also is a true Scholz. Radan Scholz is currently trained as an event technician in Zittau. He is our helping hand in studio sessions and all other technical matters. And moreover, he prevents us from the harmful consequences of alcohol – by drinking it for us.

We dont’t want to forget all those who have played in the band in the past years. They are:

Tobias Trepte, Volkmar Horn, Kerstin Doberstein, Isabel Knuth, Kilian Melzer and Conrad Hille.

Finally, a word about our record company, which is “Costbar” (part of “Autogramrecords”). Just have a look on the first Subway-album or the first CDs by Inchtys. “Letzte Instanz” and a number of singer/songwriters also started there.