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Fidelius - back in times

Bagpipe, barrel-organ and fiddle –these instruments had been banned from German music in the last 200 years. It was only in the last 20 years that these folk instruments and the genres folklore and medieval music have been made acceptable again. Bands like ´In Extremo‘, ´Corvus Corax‘ or ´Horch‘ were enthusiastically celebrated on this wave of interest.
But now it is a new generation’s turn to develop the old, medieval music further with new ideas. The musicians of the band ‘Fidelius’ unleash the power of old songs with their strange instruments in such a way that neither drums nor e-guitar are needed to captivate the audience. The interpretations are nevertheless in keeping with the times.

The group’s well thought-out and and tried and tested animation includes the audience in the show, on the journey back in time. It is, therefore, difficult to say that this timeless music is of interest to only a small number of people. The musicians try to present unknown songs from the libraries on stage and to fill people, who wouldn’t normally be interested in the Middle Ages, with enthusiasm for their own cultural roots.

The Musicians
Mario Korneck studied Scandinavian Studies and Pre- and Early History in Berlin. From 1984 on museum work experience at the museum village Düppel and contacts to groups and associations dealing with medieval history and culture.

Felix Naumann studies Music and Medieval History. In several projects, he works on old music and its suitable modern interpretation.

Diego Scholz studies Medieval History and Pre- and Early History in Jena. He is also president of the registered society ´Die Milzener e.V.‘ which deals with the history and culture of the 11th century.

Roman Scholz has already played in a number of music projects as a rhythmist. He studies Excavation Technology for archaeological cultural possessions in Berlin.


- „in fidelis“ 2000 published on their own
- „Valdemar & Tove“ 2003, Costbar (Autogramrecords)


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